Lettered in golf how long: 
Three years 

Best Career Stats:  
Best score 76 
3rd place at 2018 Del City Invitational 
2018 George Phillips Jr. Girls Champion 
Second at Muskogee CC Junior 
2018 2nd All-Conference Team 
6A Girls Golf Runner-Up
Best Dressed 
Eagled #4 at Bailey Ranch 

What is your favorite quote?  
“I am Beyoncé always.” - Michael Scott

What song do you have on repeat right now?  
I Love My Mom - Kid Trap 

Favorite TV show(s) you binge watch? 
The Office 

What is your most memorable #TBT golf moment? 
When Katelyn and I couldn't find my ball at Bailey Ranch then we looked in the hole and I had eagled #4. 

What is your off-the-course hidden talent?  
Driving Adrian around, baking & petting dogs. 

What is the strongest part of your golf game? 

Who is your favorite PGA and/or LPGA golfer and why?  
Jordan Spieth with a hat on cause he’s hot. 

What is your favorite club in your golf bag?  
Pitching wedge

What age did you start playing golf? 

Favorite junk food? 
Chocolate chip cookies, Oreos dipped in milk, chocolate cake, dark chocolate M&M’s & jam. 

Parents names: 
Kent and Bari Hatheway

taylor hatheway - Senior