Career Stats/Accomplishments

  • Shot 76 at Patricia Island GC, Grove
  •  Attended 2 OSU golf camps
  • Finished 2nd in his group at OSU golf camp
  • Played in 8 South Central Golf Tournaments in past 2 years


  • Taking AP Biology, Pre AP English, Engineering
  • Member of the Grove Robotics team
  • Helps little children during the summer


  • Food:  Fancy Mashed Potatoes
  • Restaurant:  Flemmings
  • Musical Artist:   Imagine Dragons
  • Movie:   Fast and Furious, Star Wars
  • Hobbies:   Legos, Robotics, Hunting, Fly Fishing
  • Pro Athlete:   Ricky Fowler


  • Parents:  Beth
  • Siblings:   Olive

Paxton sparks - Sophomore