Lettered in golf how long: 
Two years  

Best Career Stats:  
State runner-up
Personal best- 80
Varsity as Freshman 
Three South Central wins over the summer  

What is your favorite quote?  
Don’t complain we’re winning state. -Meg Medders 

What song do you have on repeat right now?  
thank u, next 

Favorite TV show(s) you binge watch? 
The Office 
Friday Night Lights 

What is your most memorable #TBT golf moment? 
State last year.

What is your off-the-course hidden talent? 
Making cookies, quoting movies

What is the strongest part of your golf game? 
Putting & approach shots 

Who is your favorite PGA and/or LPGA golfer and why?  
Jordan Spieth because he’s cute & Rickie Fowler, OSU grad 

What is your favorite club in your golf bag?  
7 iron 

What age did you start playing golf? 

Favorite junk food?

Parents names:
Brian and Michelle Bollenbach 

Katelyn Bollenbach - sophomore