I live with my Dad Jason Casey and Step Mom is Amy Casey. Mom is Angie Haley. I don’t know what I'm doing after high school, maybe going to Tulsa Community College.   

Golf questions  

What is your best round ever? 66 at Page Belcher (stone creek).  

What are your top 3 tournament performances. I won the Mohawk Tournament in the spring 2019 with a 74, I finish with a 73 at Bailey Ranch and a 74 at Indian Springs  

What is your favorite club? Putter  

When did you start playing golf? when I 6 years old  

Who is your favorite golfer? Dustin Johnson  

What would be your perfect foursome for a round of golf? 

Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and I  

What is the favorite course you have ever played? Southern Hills  

How many hole in ones do you have? 0 

 A fun question for each state title we have.  

1. What would be the theme song of your life? Them Bones by Alice in Chains  

2. What is your favorite quote? "as you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the rose for you only get on round" -Ben Hogan 

3. If you could travel to one of the planets, which planet would you go to? I would die if when to any planet but I get guess Mars 

4. What food do you dislike the most and why? I'm not a fan of Green Beans 

5. Which TV sitcom would you star in? and Which character would you be if you were in that sitcom? 

6. How many genres of music do you enjoy? 90s Alternative and Grunge  

7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hot Wings  

8. Which meal is your favourite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  McGriddle, a Subway sandwich, and a Steak  

jacob casey - senior