1. What are some of you best career stats?
81 is my career low round

2. What is your favorite quote?
 “Do or do not there is no try”

3. What song do you have on repeat right now?
Till I collapse by Eminem

4. Favorite TV show to binge watch?
Star Wars the Clone wars

5. What is your most memorable golf moment?
Chipping in on hole 17 at Bailey

6. What is your off-the-course hidden talent?

7. What’s the strongest part of your golf game?

8. Who’s your favorite PGA/LPGA golfer and why?
Brooks Koepka all he does is win the biggest tournaments

 9. What’s your favorite golf club in your golf bag?

10. What age did you start playing golf?
10 or 11

11. Favorite junk food?

12. Who are your parents?
Jeremy and Rachel Mix

cooper mix - Senior