Cody Fifer - junior

1. What are some of you best career stats?
~6 top five finishes over summer tournaments with 2 of them being 1st place victories. Won Maxwell cup with Southern Hills team 3 years in a row and won it individually in 2018.

2. What is your favorite quote?
Prove them right or prove them wrong- Dad

3. What song do you have on repeat right now
Chicken Fried- Zac Brown Band

 4. Favorite TV show to binge watch?
The Ranch, That 70’s Show, any hunting show

5. What is your most memorable golf moment?
First time beating my dad for real

6. What is your off-the-course hidden talent?
Hunting/Shooting and fishing

7. What’s the strongest part of your golf game?
My mental game, always staying strong and not getting down

8. Who’s your favorite PGA/LPGA golfer and why?
Dustin Johnson because he is a quiet guy and doesn’t showboat a lot and stays under the radar and I like that being humble and he has a good mental game

9. What’s your favorite golf club in your golf bag?
My 5 wood because it is a good go to club off the tee which is where I struggle a lot of the time, I can always go to it no matter what

10. What age did you start playing golf?
Around 3 years old I’m not totally sure

11. Favorite junk food?

12. Who are your parents? 

Tad Fifer and Tiffany Fifer