Golf questions  

What is your best round ever? Placing first in a tournament after shooting even par at battle creek. 

What are your top 3 tournament performances? Shot even at battle creek and placed first. placed second at Owasso golf and athletic, and placing top 3 finish at Bailey Ranch.  

What is your favorite club? 3 wood 

When did you start playing golf? I started at 8 years old 

Who is your favorite golfer? Rory McIlroy 

What would be your perfect foursome for a round of golf? Tiger woods, Rory Mcilroy, and Jon Rahm. 

What is the favorite course you have ever played? Shangrila  

How many hole in ones do you have? Zero 

 A fun question for each state title we have.  

1. What would be the theme song of your life? “here for a good time” by George straight 

2. What is your favorite quote? “ Do something today that makes tomorrow better than yesterday” 

3. If you could travel to one of the planets, which planet would you go to? Saturn 

4. What food do you dislike the most and why? I dislike onions because of the smell.  

5. Which TV sitcom would you star in? and Which character would you be if you were in that sitcom? Tim Allan from last man standing 

6. How many genres of music do you enjoy? I like country music 

7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hamburgers 

8. Which meal is your favorite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Dinner is my favorite 

Cale vanbrunt - sophomore