Abby Johnston - Freshman

Lettered in golf how long:   

First year

Give your Best Career Stats: 

None made yet

What is your favorite quote?   

“Don’t try to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

What song do you have on repeat right now? 

Too Much Too Ask by Niall Horan

Favorite TV show(s) you binge watch? 

Grey’s Anatomy

What is your most memorable #TBT golf moment?  

Going to watch and LPGA golf tournament

What is your off-the-course hidden talent?


What’s the strongest part of your golf game? 

Forgetting a bad shot and moving on

Who’s your favorite PGA and/or LPGA golfer and why? 

Rickie Fowler (OSU)

What’s your favorite club in your golf bag?  

8 iron

What age did you start playing golf?  

6th grade

Favorite junk food?   

Nutty Buddy’s

Name of your parents:     Gary & Janet Johnston